About Me – Part 2

My name is Campbell Willis, I’m a now a 34 year old average Kiwi bloke  – I still like beer, rugby and the great outdoors. I am currently living in Brisbane, Australia with my wife Tanya. We still have no little ones running around, have just bought our first home last year and still plan to travel, probably a bit closer to home though!

In my first About Me post, I talked about defining moments in my running and how I first started. On reflection, I can say that my time in Vancouver was another one of these moments. I discovered the joys of trail running in the Nth Shore Mountains and was involved in the running of the 2oth Knee Knacker, which was a life changing experience. Along with taking part in the race, which kicked butt, being part of the training groups and meeting other local runners along the way was a definite highlight of my trip.

Since the Knee Knacker, among other races I have taken part in are; Stormy 50 in Squamish, New York Marathon, Kokoda Challenge on the Gold Coast and just recently the Six Foot Marathon in NSW, Australia. I have plans to keep running ultras and am hoping to finish a 100km race this September in the Glass House Mountains, north of Brisbane.

I still love the companionship of training with my mates and the opportunities and excuse to see places in Australia and around the world that I might not otherwise get to.


2 Responses

  1. Mate – love the new look blog and additional update on where you are at now.

    I can quite confidently say that the 20th Knee Knacker was a life changer for me as well. Although I didnt participate, crewing for you opened up my eyes to a whole new community and world of challenges – and I thank you for that!

    Keep up the training mate – looking forward to catching up over a run and some beers one of these days!


  2. Hi, I’m writing an article for Canadian Running Magazine about runners and blogs, and I’d like to ask you a few questions. Can you please send me an email? Thanks.

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