About Me – Part 4

I am now a 39 year old Kiwi bloke, that still lives in Brisbane with my beautiful wife Tanya and just over 6 months ago we were joined by our beautiful little girl named Sylvie. It has deffintely been a life changer having a little one to look after, but would not change it for the world. She is mostly a chilled out, happy little bub, probably alot to do with her Mum and how well she has kept it together and coped.

Since writing my last About Me post in 2012, I have run a few ultra’s, which included an attempt at a 100 miler in New Zealand, but for the past year and a half it has been mainly running shorter stuff and getting out onto the trails when I can. I was lucky enough to be involved in starting up a parkrun in our local area, which has been both rewarding and beneficial for my 5km time.

Having a baby has definitely provided its fair share of challenges in regards to my training, but I never stop reading/listening/researching ways to improve and be the best runner/athlete I can be. Saying that, I feel I am about to embark on a new chapter for my running and health. I am going to strive to be smart with how I use the precious time I do have and be consistent with my training, something I have really struggled with. Wish me luck.


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