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My name is Campbell Willis, I’m a 32 year old average Kiwi bloke  – I like beer, rugby and the great outdoors. I am currently living in Vancouver, Canada with my wife Tanya. Together we are putting off the responsibilites of parenthood and home ownership in order to pursue our love of travel.

Like most runners, there is that one defining moment that kicked it all off. After a night out involving a few too many beers and social cigarettes, I decided it was time to get off my butt. I donned the runners and ran from our home in Ascot, Brisbane up to the Breakfast Creek Hotel and back. It was a 6km run (which seemed a lot longer at the time), but from those humble beginnings and motivation from mates, I started to run more and soon began entering fun runs.

Slowly the distances increased… 5km, 10km, Half Marathons and then the mighty Marathon. I have learnt a lot along the way, about training, nutrition and most importantly about myself. I have pushed to and past my preconceived boundaries and surprised myself on a number of occasions at what I am capable of.

I get great pleasure in training with friends and seeing them also achieve their goals. I enjoy nothing more than sitting down to coffee with mates after a Saturday morning run (except that I always have to shout Brendan).

I am so lucky to have had such amazing life experiences and opportunities, so to be able to combine my love of running and become involved in a worthy cause is something I am excited about and looking forward to.


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  1. Lovely blog Campbell. Good to see you haven’t forgotten your mates back home and their contribution to your running career. I’ll be watching your progress on ‘the road to NY’ very closely. This will hopefully give me some inspiration to keeo training so hopefully we can cross that finish line together. Later mate.

  2. Word, Campbell, some interesting reading here. I too will be watching your progress and no doubt having to remind Fenno and Dav that they will ‘need to work harder’ if they are to keep up with the ‘Waitangi Warrior’…

  3. Love the site Campbell. Good to see you doing that Yoga session. I’m still talking about it 2yrs down the track.
    I’ve hit a bit of a snag as i have only been able to get one run in in two weeks because of a medical condition but i think this wholistic approch sounds like the right idea. Some of the low inpact stuff for me for a while.

  4. Hi Campbell. You know that dad and I are behind you every step of the way. if anyone can do it, you can. We are very proud of you. Love Mum

  5. Hi Campbell. Love your website and cool photos. You’ve inspired me to “get of my butt” and I’m now back into my touch rugby and tennis. Good luck with your training. Love to the beautiful Tayna xo
    p.s just got my highly skilled uk visa so won’t be over in Canada this year

  6. opps correction… “off” my butt 😉

  7. Mate we are doing the the Cootha loop this weekend. Remember I came that time on the bikes and had to get off before I spewed? Can’t believe I think it will be enjoyable to go and run that now..but i kinda do. Not quite the mountains of Vancouver but it’s all we have here! Should be a few of us so hopefully we will be able to keep our minds off the pain. Did 15km after work last night….struggled. Hoping I feel better after a couple of days recovery. Keep you posted.

  8. Hey Campbell, great to hear from you and I’m jealous of your accomplishments! I remember in our first years of running together it use to be Brendan (typically flying out in front) me quite away back and you on my heels, didn’t take you long to change that and before you know it Campbells chomping on the heels of Brendan, well maybe not that close, but clearly now, screaming past me! 😉
    Goodluck mate and hopefully one day again we can run a full Marathon………….!!!!
    Cheers Mat

  9. Great to hear from mate and also have fond memories, except Brendan always going on about how good he was, got a bit tiresome!

    Will never forget the day we got a little lost in the Gap Forest, always makes for interesting running when trying to find your way out in the dark.

  10. Its great to hear such verve from runners. I hope you keep pushing yourself along the test of life. BTW: Marathons are for pussy’s these days. LUK when you are ready to step up.

  11. Cimbill
    Me and Cath bought 3 tickets in your raffle.
    AB’s are going down this weekend.

  12. […] July 26, 2008 · Filed Under Race Reports  · Pic from justrunning · Quoting: …With over 7 miles of downhill in the stretch to Cleveland Dam, I felt it was time to up the ante. I knew the majority of this section well from my Wednesday and Sunday training runs, so felt confident I could pick up some places and make good time… Read more at justrunning.wordpress.com Written by Campbell Willis […]

  13. Dork,
    What an inspiration you are. Am sorry I won’t be in New York to see you cross that finish line but of course will be happy to have a few wines with you when you return to N.Z and you can tell me all about it.
    Good on you dork

  14. Good on you man. Very proud of you.

  15. Thanks for the kind words bro, means alot to me.

  16. Hi Campbell – just checking out your great site and thought you may be interested in the note below. Happy to answer any questions, and please feel free to pass along to any running buddies!

    Greetings Canadian athletes,

    Are you a passionate athlete who draws inspiration from Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope?

    At CBC Television, we are presently creating a program which would illustrate in detail what Terry accomplished in 1980. The event will reacquaint new and existing generations with Terry’s example of athleticism, determination and self-sacrifice.

    A team of twelve runners will start the marathon in St. John’s, NFLD on April 12th. Each participant will attempt to run 3,339 miles in 143 days – matching Terry’s daily mileage – arriving in Thunder Bay, ON on Labour Day weekend. Our camera crews will document the journey from the first day of training through to the end of the run, providing viewers with updates on the participants and their fundraising efforts.

    Our first episode, to air in April on CBC, will see the introduction of the participants and the stakes set for the run. Terry’s enduring and building legacy will be highlighted. We are working in conjunction with the Terry Fox Foundation, who in the past have declined proposals where the intent is to symbolically or literally finish the Marathon of Hope. This concept does not infringe on that wish.
    If you are interested in participating in, or supporting, this initiative — we want to hear from you. We welcome any questions at any
    time along the way.

    An ideal candidate would possess the following:

    1) They have been inspired by Terry’s story and have a history of supporting Terry’s vision and principles
    2) They have the ability and willingness to fundraise
    3) They believe and offer evidence that they are capable of physically attempting the run
    4) They are willing and able to put aside work/other commitments for 4 and a half months to document their personal journey.

    Do you have what it takes to go the distance?

    If you would like to participate as a runner in this historic event, please reply to marathonofhope2009@gmail.com , sending us your contact information and telling us why you are the ideal candidate for the show.

    In addition, we ask that you please create a 3-5 minute video so we can see you in action. Your video should include: Your name, age, hometown and why you want to be a participant in the Marathon of Hope 2009. Please upload your video to YouTube.

    Need extra help uploading your video?

    Deadline for applications:
    January 8, 2009

    Please notify us immediately by sending the URL when you’ve uploaded your video.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Michelle & Lara,
    Marathon of Hope 2009

  17. Hi Cambell
    I’m a runner form Australia, I started a running club in QLD four years ago called Lazy Runner as a running coaching business, It has gone through the roof! I have four clubs myself, and I have licensed out 7 clubs around Australia, one in Singapore and Dublin is starting in Sept. Would love to get it going in Canada, do you have any contacts there or maybe you are interested yourself, please let me know, you can find out more on my website

  18. You are a bloody legend. We just read your Ultra blog. You make a game of rugby seem like a Sunday afternoon stroll. Congratulations!

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