Northburn 2014 – There in spirit

After my DNF last year at NB100, there was no question that I would be back, I was just not sure when. I remember vividly at the prize giving when Terry said that everyone who was part of the miler could grab a spot prize, I kindly declined the offer as in my heart I had not completed what I came to do.

Not finishing in 2013 was disappointing, but I can honestly say that I would not change a thing that happened. It was by the far the hardest thing I had ever attempted and if I wanted to find where my limits were on that day, my goal was definitely achieved. I learnt so much from the experience and even now, nearly a year on, I still reflect on the race and the impact it has had on me as both a person and runner.

I did another couple of ultras in 2013, but have made the decision in 2014 to step away from ultras and focus on becoming a better runner and athlete. There is also the case of the little bundle of joy that will be joining us in July and promise to my wife I would be around to help and not out on the trails! I have revamped my running style/technique which has done wonders to my 5km time, incorporated more strength/cross training and made eating well part of everyday life, not just around races. I must admit I feel better than I ever have and know I will be back in 2015 a better athlete and more mentally prepared for the task.

I sincerely wish all runners taking part in 2014 the best of luck and if you are after some advice, mine would be, make the most of the checkpoints and seeing your crew (it’s a long time between drinks), stop and smell the roses (the views and terrain are out of this world) and connect with other runners on the course, they are an amazing bunch of people. I am already excited about my return in 2015.



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