The Journey to the Big Apple draws to an end!

Only one week until the big event and the excitement is starting to build. We have just enjoyed a relaxing week in Halifax, Nova Scotia visiting with friends and catching up on emails, van repairs etc. The week has also given us time to reflect and take stock of what has been a big road trip. We have covered many kilometres and have seen so much along the way, sometimes wishing we could stay longer in places but knowing we had to keep on going.


Before coming to Halifax, we spent 4 memorable days on Cape Breton Island and got to experience its culture and people, something that I will never forget. We were lucky enough to be in town for the Celtic Colours Music Festival and I have become an overnight fan of Celtic music.  


We now take off towards New York on Monday and plan to arrive Thursday evening in time to get all sorted for the big day. Visiting New York is a dream come true and throw in running the marathon, catching up with good friends, the American elections, halloween and the Melbourne Cup (we will find a bar that shows it somewhere), I am sure it is going to be a week to remember.


From when I signed up for the New York Marathon and committed to raising $3500US, I have consistently been blown away by the generosity and goodwill of my friends and family. It has been a great year for my running and the people I have met along the way have made the journey well worth taking.


I have about $800US to fund raise, so if anyone was considering helping out a great cause, now is the time to do it. I know a lot of currencies around the world have dropped against the US, but every penny counts. You can head to my personal page anytime day or night, 7 days a week!




2 Responses

  1. Hi Campbell,

    I’m a writer from Vancouver, currently freelancing and getting my masters in New York. I’m looking to write a story on someone from the Vancouver area who’s running in the NYC Marathon, and pitching it to a few papers. You’ve come a long way from Vancouver, and I was wondering if you’d be into talking to me about your experiences running, training, and trekking to the NYC Marathon.

    Let me know if you’re up for it! You can get a hold of my at


  2. Hi Little Bro-In-Law,
    Well the big day has arrived and I wish you all the best of luck. I am so proud of you for having achieved what you set out to do. Congrats on your fundraising – what a big effort! Will be thinking of you. I hope Tannie will be ready to give you a foot massage this evening!
    Lots of love, Jodie xxx

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