Hanging in the ‘Soo’

The plan was to keep an updated log of our trip across Canada, but somehow that fell to pieces over 3000kms ago. I thought instead I would give you a quick summary with a few pictures thrown in for good measure. I can report that our VW Westfalia has been christened ‘Winnie the Westy’ (we were too cheap to smash a bottle of champagne on her and drank it instead) and is still going strong after nearly 4000km.

Since my last posting in Nelson BC, we finally made it out of British Columbia (hard place to leave) into Alberta and then crossed the vast plains of the interior through, Saskatchewan and Manitoba taking in plenty of sights along the way. We were gob smacked by the size and beauty of the Prairies and pleasantly surprised by some of the towns and cities along the way, all offering something different. We are now in Nth Ontario in Sault Ste. Marie (also know as the Soo), which borders with the US and is the gate way to Lake Superior for cargo and recreational boats.

Our last couple of days have been driving along Lake Superior, one of those drives that is a must do before you depart this planet. Along with the views out onto Lake Superior and beautiful coastline, the vast array of autumn colours made it one of the highlights of the trip so far.

It is now onto the nations capital and then into Quebec to take in the sights and sounds of Montreal and Quebec City, no rest for the wicked. We are then planning to head up to the Gaspe Peninsula, PEI and across to Cape Breton before visiting a mate in Halifax.

I am trying to be good with my training and still getting in at least 4 runs a week. It is not ideal training conditions (thats my excuse anyway), but I am confident I will be in good enough shape to finish New York and enjoy the experience along the way.


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