Whistler Mountain Trail Run

It has been close to two weeks now since competing at Stormy and I am ready to go again. I have rested up, had a few beers, too many pizzas and feel ready to tackle my next challenge.

As a last hurrah in Vancouver before we embark on our cross Canada trip, I am heading up to Whistler this weekend and taking part in 5-Peaks trail series run, which looks like it will be a heap of fun. It is only 10.8km and has a lot of steep climbs and sharp descents, right up my alley. I will then be hanging up my trail shoes for awhile and hitting the road in preparation for New York Marathon.

Both Tanya and I finish work today in Vancouver and it is with mixed emotions we head off on our trip of a lifetime. I will always have very fond memories of Vancouver and have meet so many amazing people and been exposed to some of the best scenery going around. Again we have been blessed with how things have fallen into place for us and thank everyone for their support along the way.

We are off to Seattle next Thursday for the Bumbershoot Music Festival, back to Vancouver to sort out a van for our trip and then head off across Canada in the easterly direction. We will be in New York for the marathon then back across the US to Vancouver, try and sell the van and home to New Zealand for Christmas. It will then be back to the realities of paying off debts and looking for work in Brisbane (I will be looking, Tanya is going back to Legal Aid).

I look forward to keeping you uptodate on our Nth American road trip.


3 Responses

  1. Keep us posted on your running in the southern hemisphere! Good job with your 50k/50mile races…maybe we’ll cross paths on trail one day!

  2. Thanks mate, I plan to keep the trail running up back in Aussie. Will back one day to tackle a 100 mile race somewhere in Nth America.

  3. I didn’t realize you were only here for a relatively short time. It was a pleasure running and racing with you. Good luck in your marathon!


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