2008 Gold Coast Marathon

A good mate of my mine and long time training partner, Brendan Merrotsy, Just ran another PB at the GC Marathon, here is his story..

I was happy with my time this year considering a fairly injury interupted prep, as i wasnt sure if the hips/calves/shins were going to hold up on the day. But thanks to the wonders of modern medicine (panadol and voltaren), i was able to stick to my plan and beat my time from last year.
Basically i stuck just behind the 3h15 pace group, which gradually dwindled in size as the race progressed, but it was great to have them as a guide to confirm i was running consistently.
At about the 32k mark, the rear pace runner from the 3h15 group broke away with a group of 5 blokes and encouraged anyone as he passed to join on, as they were going to push a little faster than 3.15.
So I sat with this group of 6 and pushed through those normally painful k’s that are more commonly known as the ‘km’s of death’. Surprisingly, I didnt find the race this year to be as mentally tough, and i took solace in the fact that I knew i wasnt going to be hitting any walls this time round…
In hindsight, i probably attribute that to being more prepared mentally, having done it before obviously, and knowing what to expect – so i enjoyed conquering that little battle.
We got to about 38k – and the pace runner at this point encouraged anyone who had a bit in store to take off if they felt good enough. I did feel pretty good at this stage, so I went out solo for the last few k’s.
I remember the pace runner saying as I left the group that ‘its a pretty lonely run on your own out in front’, which i assumed he thought I would be better to stay with them. But ive done enough k’s on my own to not get lonely, and ive done enough k’s to know that i could finish a lot stronger than the pace they were going, so I punched clear with the added incentive of making sure they wouldnt catch me back up.
I got a little surprise at the 40k mark, as I got some words of encouragement from Fenno on the side of the road. I realised he must have pulled the pin due to his groin the poor bugger, but was no doubt a smart move as lets face it, his real goal is to beat one C.Willis in the New York Marathon…

So there it was, finished strong, pulled up good, and certainly dont have any negative thoughts about the possibility of doing another, unlike at this time last year. Quite the contrary – that afternoon i was thinking that the elusive 3hr barrier is there for the taking with the right prep, we’ll see…


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