I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for their kind words and positive feedback over the past week. It’s nice to know that I might be providing inspiration to some people, it keeps me motivated to keep working towards my goals.

On that note, my new goal is to tackle the Stormy trail race in Squamish, BC on August 9th. I will be upping the ante to 50 mile (80km), which should be a good test of character. If anyone is interested in sponsoring me for the race, I would be happy to accept any help I can get (all the money going to the Lance Armstrong Foundation of course).

There are some hardcore people tackling the Stormy 100 mile race (2 x 50 mile course) and I was lucky enough to join them on Saturday night in which we covered half of the 50 mile course (about 40km). I left the start line at 7pm and returned around 11:30pm, shattered, but really enjoyed the experience. The trails were all new to me and having to run some of them in the dark with a headlamp was tough, but exhilarating, especially on the downhill. Other than a couple of falls and coming within 3 metres of a bear, it all went without a hitch. Really looking forward to the race.

Thanks again for all your suport and please check out the Great Livestrong Raffle, a  big cheers to those who have already bought tickets.


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