Officially Knee Knackered!!

It is the night after the big event and other than feeling tired and a bit sore, I am not in bad shape. I can proudly say that I finished the 30 mile Knee Knacker trail race in a time of 6hr 24 min, a respectable 32nd out of close to 190 finishers. It was one of those rare days when it all goes to plan and I was able to finish strongly. It was an amazing experience and one that I will share with you in more detail in the next couple of days. Watch this space. For those of you interested, you can check out all the stats at Knee Knacker Results.


4 Responses

  1. hey you! you did awesome! congratulations!
    i am glad i am not the only one that is sore 🙂 have a good recovery.

  2. Congratulations maaate, an awesome effort!
    I was just sifting through your photos you took of the trails a few weeks ago – while the views look sensational, the terrain looks a little tougher than the usual pavement you find in a marathon – very impressive!
    I’m glad to hear you finished strongly, it certainly looks that way from the pic and your placing. Good to hear you have pulled up well also – how times have changed from when you would finish a 10km race and collapse in a heap, fall into my lap and start wimpering, ‘could you just hold me a little..’
    Well done Cam, and looking forward to your race report. Word.

  3. Good work mate. Next stop, your 50 miler. Hell, maybe you should lace up for 100 miler with me some day!

  4. Congrats!!!!

    amazing.. you are going to kick the NY one too, I’m sure.. 🙂

    How long did the endorphins last??

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