My final say before KK-Day!

20th Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run Saturday July 12th, 2008

Race day is creeping closer and thoughts of the Knee Knacker are consuming my every thought. I said to a mate last night that Tanya would be happy when it is all over as I will talk about something else, he just laughed at me (no faith). I have two big days at work teaching, so making today (Wednesday in Vancouver) my getting sorted day. I have been shopping for a new bladder to go in my Camel Pack, nutrition bars, snacks etc. I want to be completely organised and stress free leading up to Saturday morning.

I went out for a brisk 40 minute run last night with a small group at UBC endowment lands and felt rested and strong. I strided out the last km or so just to get the heart rate up and stretch the legs. I have questioned my tapering over the last couple of weeks, but I’m confident I made the right decision and it has only increased my desire and drive to run well.

I want to wish everyone competing the best of luck for Saturday’s run and thank you to all the volunteers helping out, over 200 people. I also want to make a special mention of my wife Tanya, who will be out there cheering me on and Pricey who is kindly coming out to keep Tanya company and help me at the aid stations.


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