Kicking Back

I have embraced the taper thing whole heartily this week and other than some riding and a gym session, I have only been for one run. After last Sunday’s run, I felt I needed to take time out to rest up, giving myself every chance on race day. It has not gone by without a dose of the guilts and questioning if I am doing the right thing, but listening to my body it had to be done.

I had a great week hanging out with my wife, watching the sunset from Stanley Park with a picnic and sneaky bottle of wine, dinner out to celebrate my birthday and hanging out watching jazz at Granville Island on Canada Day. Yes I do have a life outside trail running!

I will be heading out on the trail tomorrow to cover the last 1/4 of the race and it will be my last time on the course before race day. It will be a chance to stretch the legs and work off some of the nervous energy that is starting to build up. I am feeling confident, but there is always that self doubt and apprehension coming into a race, just have to make sure I don’t waste too much energy on these things.

I approached the Knee Knacker this year as an opportunity to get amongst the trail running scene and do it without worrying too much about a training log, training zones etc. It has been liberating to just run for the sake of running and my love for the sport is at an all time high. Keeping this in mind, my main goals are to finish and soak up what will be an amazing day. I do have some idea of a time I would like to get close to, but will keep that quiet for now (don’t need the pressure 🙂 ).


2 Responses

  1. hey there

    you’ve worked hard and is more than prepared. enjoy the taper now!


  2. Thanks Phyllis. We went out for a 90 minute trail run this morning and felt rested and rearing to go for next weekend.

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