Time to Taper

Yesterday’s training run saw us cover the 1st half of the Knee Knacker course and other than a few missed turns and the hot weather, it all went without too many mishaps. There were a few people with cuts and bruises to show at Cleveland Dam, luckily for me I was not one of them. As the day got hotter and we go lower down, the heat started to play a toll and I probably didn’t take on enough fluids, another lesson for race day (you never stop learning). There is a good chance it could be a hot one on race day, so it was good to get a feel for the conditions. Having run in Brisbane over the years, it was not that new for me.

I think having run for over 13 hours in my last three trail runs played a big part in me feeling tired and sore at Cleveland Dam (finishing point for run). I didn’t have the spring in my step on the downhills and it is a sign that I need to take it easy in the lead up to the race which is 11 days. I feel confident that I have trained well and have the fitness base to run a good race, so want to make sure I give myself every chance by resting up properly.

I was chatting to Tanya yesterday, as we watched the sunset at Stanley park, about the whole Knee Knacker experience. For a new bloke in town it has been an amazing opportunity to meet a group of motivated and inspiring runners and build long lasting friendships. I have been exposed to the Nth Shore which is world renowned for its challenging trails and awe striking beauty. My confidence and ability of running on the trails has grown by the week and I have found something that I am not too bad at. I am going to really miss my Wednesday and Sunday training runs.

I have posted some more photos, so please check them out in the page section (thank you Mike for your contributuion).


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