Black Mountain

Only 18 days (and counting) to Knee Knacker and am getting more excited by the day. I am starting to worry though that I am becoming one dimensional and only talk about trail running, sorry Tanya. It has become a passion and I have never been so motivated and inspired by my running.

 Today’s Knee Knacker training run had a bit of everything and was our longest to date. The run covered the 1st 3/4 of the KK course (38km) and included over 1200 metres of climbs, some rock scrambling, lots of snow and some fast downhills (loved it!!). The first part of the run climbs up Black Mountain which is legendary among KK runners. It is where some runners have been known to go out too hard on race day and pay for it later in the race. This is one mistake I don’t want to make. I ended up being on my feet for close to 5 1/2 hours and really enjoyed the run and the company along the way.

Thanks to Paul, I have been able to provide some photos from today’s run. I have included more in the Knee Knacker Photos page on this blog, please check them out.


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