1 Month and Counting

Thought I would share a picture from tonight’s run, would you believe that we are in June and still playing in the snow. Tonight’s run took us up to the Hollyburn Rangers Cabin on the Baden Powell Trail. In winter this is Cypress Mountain’s Nordic area and some cross country skis would not have gone astray.

Except for the odd moments of feeling exchausted, all is on track and the countdown has begun.


2 Responses

  1. Hi mate,

    Some of these trails look great. We are thinking this type of stuff will be our next goal. Getting a bit bored with pounding the pavement on suburban roads. Looking at targeting the Kokoda Challenge next year – I think it is on in the second half of the year. Teams of 4 to cover 96km. You have 36hrs to do it so should make it with plenty of time if the body holds up. If you are back, you are in!! Knocked out 34.5km on the weekend. Felt alright. Brendan came along and did it easy. We will ease off in the distance now. Still not sure what I’m doing yet at GC. Better work that out pretty soon.

    Chat soon,

  2. Count me in mate, sounds like a blast. Have already started researching the trail running scene for when I return, I am addicted! If you are pushing out 34k, I reckon you take the plunge and sign up for the marathon. Look at it as a build up for NY and don’t put any pressure on yourself for time etc, you might just surprise yourself.

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