Old Buck didn’t beat me!!

After Three buses and a taxi later, I finally arrived up at Grouse Mountain ready for the longest and most challenging run to date. It was an overcast wet morning, making the trails all that more interesting with mud, wet tree roots and slippery rocks to contend with.

The run covered the last half of the Knee Knacker course, but we turned around about 5km from the end and came all the way back again, a bit more challenging mentally. I set off with a couple of old hands in regards to trail running and they know all about not going out too hard. We had the option of turning around at the top of the Seymour Grind or going an extra couple of ks to Old Buck (where tradtition has you touch the rock). It was decided to go the whole way and we turned at 2 hr 35. I questioned my choice of clothing as really started to feel the cold at top of the Seymour Grind.

I was determined to run a strong second half, as this is part of the race I have let myself down over the years. So my goal was to run back in the same time I ran out, so with about 11km to go, I picked up the pace a little and ran solo to the end. I was also motivated by the thought of getting dry warm clothes on and a coffee and cinnamon bagel. The homeward leg was challenging, with a combination of hard climbs and technical sections. Wet and tired, I soldiered on and managed to get back in 2hr 35.

On reflection, I am happy at how the run went and confident that I’m on track for the Knee Knacker. I am starting to finally live up to my potential as a runner, but know that I still have a long way to go.


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