Sasquatch Music Festival

Feeling a little guilty I will miss out on my long run on Sunday (have been told to get over it), we are off on a road trip to the US tomorrow and can’t wait. We are attending the Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre located in George, Washington. Tanya and I were told about the Gorge before coming to Nth America and it is meant to be an amazing outdoor music venue.

Some highlights are; The Cure, REM, The Breeders and Flight Of The Conchords. So will be letting my hair down (whats left of it) for the weekend and will report back on Tuesday with how it all went. Tanya has promised to be on her best behaviour, so hoping all will go smoothly!




2 Responses

  1. Found you via the Complete Running Network. Welcome to the Running Blog Family.

    Looking at your training and you mentioned lacking motivation and only being able to do a 2-hour trail run. Unbelievable. Motivation and accomplishment are truly individual things aren’t they?

  2. Thanks Greg, it is all pretty new to me, but really enjoying the experince. Have just had a few days off at a music festival and now rearing to go, hoping to do back to back big runs this weekend, test how my legs respond! Look forward to checking out your blog.

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