Mountain Highway

I woke up on Sunday morning to a beautiful Vancouver day and ready to tackle week 3 of the Sunday morning knee knacker training runs. I am starting to put names to faces of fellow trail runners and really enjoying the support and comradeship.

This weeks run started at the Grouse Mountain car park and headed off on the fairly technical section of the Baden Powell trail to the Old Mountain Highway. This gravel-surfaced highway once carried busloads of tourists up to the top of Grouse Mountain but has long been closed to tourist vehicles. It is still popular with hikers, bikers and runners. I was determined to run the 11km up to the top and the only time I did stop was to take in the amazing views back over Vancouver, a day I wished I had brought my camera. It was a challenging climb, but I got to the top feeling pretty good and ready for more. We descended quickly (some alot quicker than me) down the BCMC trail, being careful not to fall through the snow at the top, and ended back at where we started. Being around all these fit and motivated people has planted a seed for a another trail race in August (watch this space).


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