Runners Yoga

Runners are notorious for not stretching and I have been the number one offender of this for years. I have known for a while that it has been holding me back in my running and finally I am doing something about it.

I have always been a bit apprehensive about joining a Yoga class, especially being someone that struggles to even cross their legs. It can be a bit intimidating seeing people do stretches and exercises with ease that you are struggling with big time. Well, I am into week 5 of Runners Yoga and am a convert. The instructor is excellent and really puts you at ease. The focus is on those areas that are most affected by running (hamstrings being my nemesis) and sequence of postures will first heat your body and then gradually, open your body, bringing back flexibility and elasticity to the muscles and open tight, compressed joints.

I have already noticed big improvements in my flexibility and feel that it is helping my running. To all fellow runners, I can thoroughly recommend taking a more whole approach to your training and incorporating activities such as Yoga.


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