Under 2 months to go!!

It is now under 2 months until my first ultra running event and I am pumped. I was up on the Nth Shore yesterday morning for a 3 hour training run and my confidence is growing with every run. I am becoming more sure on my feet and feeling stronger on the hills. There is still the odd wrong turn made, which usually happens when I am having a chat (people soon learn not to get me started) and not paying attention to the markers. I am not getting carried away, but feel I am on the way.

For those of you that haven’t heard about the trail run I am undertaking, the knee knackering (www.kneeknacker.com) Nth Shore Trail Run is a 30 mile (48km) foot race along the Baden Powell Centennial Trail (http://www.trailpeak.net/index.jsp?cat=def&con=trail&val=265). The Baden Powell is a picturesque and techniqual trail through Pacific Nth West rain forest that includes 8000 feet (2500 metres) of vertical climbs and 8300 feet (2600 metres) of descents. The race is limited to 200 starters and I was lucky enough to get in through a lottery.

I am already dreaming about competing in longer races, such as a 50 mile trail run, but it is probably a good idea to get through this one first!

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