Hi everyone… just thought I’d take this opportunity to announce that May 13 is LIVESTRONG Day, a one-day initiative by the Lance Armstrong Foundation to raise awareness and funds for the cancer fight. The LAF is about:

  • prevention
  • access to screening and care
  • improvement of the quality of life for cancer survivors
  • investment in research.

All of which are vitally important, for both finding a cure for cancer and (in the meantime) helping us deal with its presence.

Very few people these days remain unaffected by cancer in one way or another. Campbell’s and my extended family alone includes those who have beaten it, those who are fighting it and those who, unfortunately, lost the battle, so we feel strongly about supporting the work of proactive organizations like the LAF. 

For those of us living outside the USA, participating in one the many scheduled LIVESTRONG Day events might prove a little difficult… but fear not! You can always make a donation to this worthy cause AND help our accidental athlete Campbell get to New York at the same time. Dress up in your finest yellow garb and spread the word!

– Tanya


6 Responses

  1. Mate you are certainly getting serious. I have given your blog site details to a few of the blokes in the running crew so they can keep track of your progress and get some tips. You must be loving these trail runs. You will be a hardened athlete by the time NY comes around. I am really enjoying the variety in training also. Nice to do a few different runs, keeps you from getting stale in the later stages of training. Our version of a trail run this weekend with the Mt Cootha loop, will let you know how we go. Later.

  2. Thanks Brec. As far as running goes, Vancouver has it all and the trails on the Nth Shore are right up there. I am hoping that the trail runs and longer endurance events will help me cope better with those last few ks of the marthon in New York and maybe even help me across the line with a PB. I am even starting to dream of competing in longer events, better finish the knee knacker first though. Enjoy your run in the weekend and would love to hear from the other blokes in your running crew.

  3. Cam you obviously have a bit of writer in you, as I havent been to Canada before but already share a bit of your excitement for some of the trails that you punch out the K’s on every week. There is a lot to be said for offroad running and its ability to help clear the mind of the daily baggage that we tend to spend too much time focusing on – I am envious.
    With regard to your core strength training – it would be fair to comment that it is about $#% time isnt it…
    Love the work and keep it up.

  4. Hey Hey as Krusty would say. I certainly hope that you are putting just as much effort into keeping up your drinking skills also…..
    I am really impressed with your efforts in supporting the causes that you do but that is the Camada we all know and love. The loss of Wendell has forced(sic) me to ride to work and I am loving it – the bike is going well. Take heed of the Seinfeld episode and make sure you set your alarm!


  5. Great effort Cam,

    Our thoughts are with you whilst you are pounding the pavement, even though you’d rather be pounding something else – take care BIG man – your one of a kind!!

    Missing you heaps.

  6. Hi there Cam,

    We are so proud of you pouding the pavement, even though we know you would rather be pounding something else! Take care BIG man – we miss you heaps!

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