The things you do!

I recently worked two days at the Vancouver Marathon Expo through a temp agency. This assignment involved donning a tux and standing at the Team in Training stall (part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) with a silver tray and Tiffany boxes! Team in Training are taking a group to the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Fransisco and one of the incentives is that you are presented with a Tiffany necklace by a San Francisco Fireman dressed in a tux when you complete the race… hence me in a tux. Not exactly fireman material, but never mind. I got to meet and chat to fellow runners, which was right up my alley.

I had the privilege of meeting one inspirational lady who lost her mother to cancer 2 years ago, then was diagnosed with cancer herself 6 months later. She was still running 6-8 marathons a year and only stopped when she was in the middle of chemo. Shortly after meeting her I had a call to tell me I’d missed out on a job I was keen on getting. After a brief moment of feeling sorry for myself, I made a conscious choice to put things in perspective and not to be too disappointed.


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